The Unique Coffee from Yogyakarta

Kopi Joss is a special brewed coffee which, in the process of brewing, a piece of burning charcoal is immersed into the coffee to give baking taste to the coffee. The name is taken from ‘joss’ sound that emerging charcoal when the burned charcoal immersed into the coffee.

This special coffee is commonly found in roadside stalls of Yogyakarta, Java’s cultural heartland. If you visit the city of Yogyakarta, time to stop by and try Kopi Joss. In the North Station or Station Tugu Yogyakarta, you can find many angkringans which provide “kopi joss” in their main menu.

Kopi Joss Can be Found in Angkringan


Angkringan itself is a wheel barrow that sells a variety of foods and beverages that are usually found on the side of the road. The word “angkringan” itself refers to the Javanese language that has meaning “perched sit back”.

The Process of Making Kopi Joss


The coffee beans are processed traditionally by the owner. The traditional way is believed to retain the flavor and aroma of coffee beans since the beginning of the process of picking.

The water used to brew the coffee and the cooking of Joss must use the kettle or similar with a large pot that made of tin over that placed on charcoal stove. the coffee powder is mixed with some spoons of sugar, if you want, you can also add a little bit of milk.

Pouring Charcoal Stove to Make The Coffee Even Tastier


Hot water that already boilled in a charcoal stove is slowly poured into a glass. Splash of boiling hot water emits smoke and makes the aroma of the coffee very strong when it hits the coffee and sugar in a glass. Moreover, after the seller stirred the coffee by a spoon, you can smell the tasty aroma from the coffee joss and you can also enjoy it.