Education: Does Anyone Know Where The English Department Is?

Where is English Literature Department?

Have you try to talk to first year student of English Dept. about where exactly their campus is? What are their answer? Most of them are blind about the English Dept. location. How could that happened? Is Unsoed really that BIG? Or there is something else?

Most English Dept. students react about this issue and most answered with many different reasons, such as : it’s a big university, haven’t check it yet, and even some students mis-distracted to the old English Dept. building. Well, that’s reasonable. But let’s take the main point here.

no one can and ever see the English Dept. sign.”

Where is that ‘sign’? Lost? Stolen?

The fact is the sign was broken because of some reason, but where did it go? If yes it was broken so why didn’t they (the English Department) fix it? Another shocking fact is, I don’t think you guys want to hear this, but I’m going to tell you anyway. The sign did broken, but instead of fixing it, they just use it as a fence for the warehouse back at the campus! Don’t be so shocked just yet, the most horrifying fact is that they put it upside down! Just what are these people think?!

Now, here are some reactions of students that already realize this ‘news’.

  1. Taufik Yadhika Rahmat (student of English Dept. 13’)

  • “It’s so sad. I wonder do the lecturers concerned about this.”
  1. Risma Boru Ombing (student of English Dept. 13’)

  • “Really? (she’s not really concerned about this and even questioning me back) I don’t even know it. Where is it now? How could that be?” (at least her reaction told that she’s so shocked.)
  1. Vivit Wijayanti Ahmad (student of English Dept. 13’)

  • “I knew it. It was upside down, no? it’s sad to know that actually. Why wouldn’t the lecturers do something is my question for this issue?”


The Lecturers really have to be put more concern about this issue. It may seems not so important, and they can just take it lightly. But that is not the proper way to improve and advancing English Dept.’s quality, whether it’s the students’ quality or the campus quality. If the English Dept. are not ready to overcome this issue, stay silent and sit idly by, and make no single move about this ‘not-so-important’ issue, that means we (English Dept. Society) are not ready to get advanced either.